At Noble Restaurant in Wyoming, Michigan, you can find natural food with high-quality ingredients and plenty of allergy-friendly options – all completely free of artificial colors and flavors. Owner Andrew Lamppa’s philosophy is that a restaurant should be a place where food is made from scratch in the kitchen – rather than a “food re-heating establishment,” as so many restaurants have become in order to cut costs and save time. 

My Successes: 

In 2015, Noble became the first restaurant in Wyoming to eliminate all artificial colors and flavors from their menu. The business has expanded its organic options, improved signage, and launched a website in 2015.

How SCORE Helped: 

Noble Restaurant owner Andrew Lamppa met with his SCORE mentor every few weeks. Lamppa saw his mentor as a sounding board and a way to expand the scope of his experience and perspective. “Having him was a huge benefit,” says Lamppa. 

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