Welcome to SCORE Holland

Our team of volunteers can provide expert one-on-one mentoring and can help you solve your most challenging business issues … all at no-cost.

SCORE Holland, Michigan has been providing business mentoring services for over a decade. SCORE's philosophy for the past 50 years has been to help anyone who either wants to establish a new business or improve an existing business by advising clients on the elements of a business plan and sound business practices.

The main technical elements of a business plan are marketing, operations (including legal entity) and financial requirements. The orderly planning and detailed implementation of steps taken to address these areas have been found to greatly influence the success or failure of many new and established businesses. The more effectively a client can think through, document and implement plans for a new business idea have been proven to facilitate a successful outcome.

SCORE clients can receive counseling with members of our local team of highly experienced mentors in face-to-face meetings, or via phone or e-mail depending on logistics, timing, or the preferred manner by which they wish to receive counseling. And with easy access to a nation-wide network of SCORE mentors, a wide range of business wisdom is available to help a client avoid some of the more common mistakes made in starting and running a business.