Gina Pinto Williams, a native of Peru came to America to achieve her dream of owning her own businesses. In 2012, Gina came to SCORE to help her achieve her goal. Since 2010, Gina has successfully opened three thriving Liberty Tax franchise offices in Cincinnati.

My successes. 

All three of Gina's Liberty Tax franchises have proven to be successful. The Norwood Liberty Tax office has ranked as one of Liberty Tax Top 10 franchises since its second year and this year was ranked sixth of 4,500 Liberty Tax franchises nationwide. Gina has also won the franchise Top Gun Award every year since starting Liberty Tax in 2007. Liberty Tax was also recognized by SCORE as the 2014 Outstanding Franchise Small Business.


How SCORE helped. 

Gina's mentor Dennis Murphy helped her with identifying key problems in her industry as well as key competitors. Dennis says he enjoyed working with the hardworking business owner. “Gina is a self-starter who only sees obstacles as opportunities, she listens and takes advice and has always completed her assignments on time. She is an extremely talented, well organized, hardworking individual.”

What's great about my mentor? 

Gina says she is very grateful for the help she has received from SCORE.“I believe that education provides options and options provide empowerment, SCORE has helped me identify problems and research competition in the industry. Dennis and my team of mentors have been very helpful by giving me homework and guidance. I feel very privileged that I found SCORE.”

Liberty Tax Franchise, Cincinnati OH